Sample Single Copy Invoice: Multiple Pubs for 1 Week with Daily Breakdown

What This Report Is For:

This invoice is used by dealers that do not have to mail invoices, invoice one week at a time and want daily detail.

Some of its features are:

Vertical format for easy on-site calculation of invoice
Cover prices can be printed or excluded (depending on setting in Location Info screen)
Prints blank lines in returns, sold and totals columns for "Calculate bill onsite" locations

Some of its short comings are:

Prints ONLY delivery address
Does not include area for sales tax
No message lines
No separate bulldog rates
Only shows Collection Route no delivery routes

Where This Report Is Printed From:

Billing menu -->> Print Invoices option

What This Report Screen Looks Like:

Click on thumbnail to see actual sized screen dump

Click on printer image to get a printable version in a separate window:

Example of what this report looks like