Why is Ivy Route still a DOS program?

Ivy Route is written in FoxPro 2.5b for DOS. FoxPro is a very well behaved DOS program and a Microsoft product. It is an excellent development environment and runs single or multi-user under all versions of Windows with minimal or no problems.

We have been actively researching on the best way to get Ivy Route into a true Windows environment and have already created some custom utilities using these methods. The Support Utility is our first fully released Ivy Route module to be a true Windows program.

Even though Ivy Route already uses a windowing and pull down menu environment, there is alot of "backgrond" work that needs to be done to make the transistion a smooth one ... this background work has already started and in the not too distant future you will see portions of Ivy Route be available as a Windows program.

What is your plan for converting from DOS to Windows?

Ivy Route is written in a modular fashion ... even though all customers get all modules. We plan on developing the Windows version on a module by module basis and releasing each module individually.

For example the first actual modules that are part of the core Ivy Route program to be items like the Route List Management utility and Route List reporting modules. You will still use the DOS program to do data entry and other reporting.