Ivy Route: Home Delivery Features

Unlimited number of customers
Multiple publications per customer
Multiple quantities per publication
Unlimited activity history
Monthly and/or Period billing
Fully integrated credit calculator
Multiple crediting system
Automatic route sequencing
Separate delivery/mailing address
Fast payment entry screen
Dial phone from customer screen
Change service in one easy step
Automatic start, stop & restarts
Tracks bagging and/or holding of papers
Auto stopping for non payment
Definable groups within routes
Route delivery lists
Combined draw & activity report
Customer lists
Activity by Route or Paper
Mailing and Route labels
ABC Reports
Bill on postcards, invoices or plain paper
Print bills in zip code, route or address order
Easily handles specials ie: Two For One
Rate changes are painless
Calculates sales tax if applicable
Past due and paid ahead reports
Flexible and easy to understand bill calculation, printing and posting
Weekly, Monthly, BiMonthly, Quarterly, SemiAnnual & Annual billing modes
Invoice analysis reports showing:
Qty printed, collected and outstanding
Dollar amount printed, collected and outstanding
Draw analysis reports by route or date showing:
Quantity of draw, errors, starts, stops, vacation stops, restarts
Errors per Thousand and Stop to Start Ratio

and many, many more features...