Ivy Route: Quotes from Some Customers
"Ivy Route has made it much easier for me to have fast and accurate route lists, daily route activity and single copy reports. It also is a real time saver when it comes to calculating the daily draws for both home delivery and single copy. The technical support from Ivy League Software has been excellent."

Al Saxton
Concord News Agency, Concord, CA

"I have been in the paper business since 1983, and always had a computer. I can not see how a distributor can run his business without this program. After only seven weeks of having Ivy Route, if you took it away from me it would be like taking one of my arms."

Peter Malysiak
Twin City News & Distribution, Marysville, CA

"Itís tremendous! The billing used to take two people three weeks and now only takes about eight hours of computer time...the bills come out in zip code order so they are ready to go to the post office...the route lists are a real time saver."

Mary Miller
Hooverís News Agency, Pismo Beach, CA

"After 22 years in newspaper circulation I know what I want, a program that covers all the bases, and technical support that I can count on. Ivy League Software has it all. That is why I have recommended it to other distributors on several occasions. "

Mark Rome
President, IPD Houston & Las Vegas

"Ivy Route is simple to use, with all the power that any Newspaper distributor would ever need. It is designed for the newspaper professional, in the everyday language of newspaper distribution. Ivy Route will insure you have more successful "tee times"!! "

Brad Haven
Sunrise News Service, Merced, Ca.

"Ivy Route is the most capable tool I've used for this industry, and whatever specific demand I have for my particular needs, you've been more than willing in a timely manner to facilitate them. I'm really excited that there are several of us in the bay area that are using it because we can now tell our publishers what format we want to use for any data info they need, and this report would be from not just one of us, but from several of us. It would be great to get all publications to forget about these long paper trails and let there be one simple format derived from our one, nationaly used system. I hope everybody starts using this program....maybe we could unify all the reports into a simple click of a button. If we unify on one system, maybe they will unify into one format. "

Louie Fortino
Fortino Newspapers, Forestville, Ca.