Ivy Route: Support Policies

At Ivy League Software we strive to have our support be superior to our products, not an easy task. To accomplish this we started right out with support items such as a toll free phone number, discounts on preprinted items and a choice of a support subscription service or a pay as you go plan.

There are dozens of users of Ivy Route, all giving us input on how to keep it the best software package for newspaper distributors. There have been hundreds of enhancements added to Ivy Route that were requests from users ... while at the same time a user of the first DOS version could sit down in front of the newest version and perform all their tasks with the absolute minimum of changed keystrokes.

Support Pricing

There are two ways to get support ... subscribe to our Support Service, or pay as you go. The below chart gives you an idea of what is available with our Support Service.

The Support Service is $175 for three months, $325 for six months or $600 for one year.

The pay as you go rate is currently $90 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.

Description Support Service Pay As You Go
Unlimited use of the toll-free number for support Yes No
No hourly or per call charge for support Yes $90 / hour
Software updates via internet Included Not Available
Encrypted off-site backup via internet Included Not Available
After hours assistance, by prior appointment, if available Included Maybe
Product enhancement requests Gets Priority Thanks for the idea
Remote computer to computer support via internet Yes $90 / hour